In 2007, my son Joseph became a client for Options Home Care and I had the privilege to be named and hired as his personal care attendant. We have been very happy with the services of Options Home Care. The monthly training packets are informative, applicable, and helpful for the client and caregiver especially.

Every year, the caregiver is given a refresher course in CPR training which can mean the difference between life and death for the client. This year First Aid was added. I really appreciate this because I want only the best care for my son and boss. He is my boss and I treat him with the best care and respect as I have for any of my bosses in the past, no even better!

Being a part of the Options Home Care program gives me the blessing of doing what I love best. Care for my son with the best care I can give and trying to achieve the ultimate socialization and interaction in society that can be attained for him.

Going to the library to look for books to read and staying for story time and crafts is delightful, especially when you can give full attention to the moment and situation without worrying about how to make ends meet and where your babysitter is or looking for a new one. Riding bikes in the summer around home and using a tandem bike to go to the bread store or grocery store to get something healthy to cook for supper is a relaxed way to enjoy the outdoors and interact with people when the weather is good. Going to exercise at the gym room at CCC is fun and gets us out and about when the weather is cold.

There are many things we do and we do different things and not the same things over and over. We are always in search of things to add to our adventures. It is good to take care of the household needs for him; I don't have to be concerned if it is being done. I am accountable and will do my best. Doctors' appointments get done on time.

We are grateful for the blessing of being able to care for our son. I really appreciate Options because they are faithful, professional and take time to pay careful attention to details for their consumers. They are quick to give an answer whenever you need one and will do their best to care for their consumers.

I am happy to recommend Options Care to anyone looking for the best for their loved one.

- M.S.
Clovis, NM

Options Home Care really helps my mom with a lot and now she is motivated to do a lot of things. Thank You!

Las Cruces, NM